Orthomolecular therapy

Orthomolecular therapy is used to treat people, yet many people are not aware that it can be of great help to animals as well. It can be a support in the treatment of disorders, and it will help them to stay healthy and energetic. This type of therapy will be especially beneficial to chronic patients.

In orthomolecular therapy the emphasis is put on nutrition and supplements, which we prescribe as medicine. We will also be taking the patient’s living conditions into consideration.

Advice on exercise and behaviour is just as important as advice on nutrition, and often has an even greater impact on the recovery process than the food of your animal.

This approach can be successful for treating a wide range of disorders such as gastrointestinal complaints, itching and skin complaints, overweight and joint problems and diabetes. It can also be a solution for complaints in the mouth cavity like dental tartar, diseased gums or bad breath.

But that’s not all, this therapy can also be a good support for arthrosis, problems with an overactive immune system like atopy, and certain allergies.

Elleke Frumeau has been actively interested in healthy nutrition for people and animals for 35 years. She has amassed a good deal of expertise and insight into keeping domestic animals healthy with the right feeding and the necessary complements. And she will be able to give you advice on exercise and behaviour that is feasible, even in a big city like Amsterdam.