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Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination

Our veterinarians Elleke and Elea can perform abdominal ultrasounds. It works with sound waves that are sent through the tissues and then reflected back. This creates an image on the screen, which allows the veterinarian to view the various organs.

When do we perform an ultrasound examination?

We can advise you to do an ultrasound examination for various reasons. For instance in a pregnant animal, to check if the hearts of the puppies or kittens are beating. But also to check organs for abnormalities, such as the kidneys, liver, intestines and bladder. With chronic bladder issues, an ultrasound is important to investigate the cause. An ultrasound can also help to aspirate cells from abnormal tissue, in order to do a cytologic examination. The veterinarian will discuss the findings and further plan with you at the end of the ultrasound examination.

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