Comprehensive diagnostic service

We have our own modern laboratory, where we can implement services such as the most important blood, urine and tissue checks, at your disposal. This also allows us to carry out direct microscopic examination of faeces, urine, tissue biopsies and skin scrapings. This laboratory also includes all the necessary equipment to perform digital X-rays, echos, blood pressure tests and electrocardiogram tests.
Most of our patients will be able to go home on the same day that they have undergone treatment.

We will supply you with detailed instructions and advice so your pet can enjoy a smooth recovery. We believe that animals recover best at home because their stress level will be at its lowest when they are in a familiar environment. That is why we strive toward reuniting our patients with their owner as soon as possible.

If it is absolutely necessary, they can spend a night or a weekend at a specialized Medical Centre for Animals emergency clinic. This centre has a skilled team that works in collaboration with to provide our patients with everything they need.