Dental Care

Does your pet need a visit to the dentist? Our dental surgeons, Sarah Farrand and Margot Jannes are always happy to help!

In recent years we have invested a lot in this field. Because a healthy mouth is essential for the health and mental well-being of dogs and cats, we used to think: if the animal is eating well, everything should be fine! Nowadays, we know that many dental problems can cause invisible pain. We can fix this!

With our unique “dental x-ray”, we are able to take a close look at the roots. The dentist then takes a thorough look at every single tooth and bases a plan on this. If any teeth have to be pulled, we provide extra pain relief and use modern techniques. Sarah and Margot regularly go on training courses to keep our quality as high as it can be!

In addition, our assistants Jurjen and Amber are trained to monitor the anaesthesia of your animal during the dental treatment. This ensures that everything happens safely and efficiently, with a cuddle for your pet before and after!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.